Doctor Mission

Begoned "1977



The artist "Crazy Baby Doc",

starts with his band in 1977

in the city of Hannover.

Legendary concerts in all the famous clubs of the city

and environment.

"Index" Odem, "Korn," Bad, "Basement and the" Pasta Basta

were his home.


"Punk goes Gothic


Cult avant-garde music with the appearance of

CBDoc, a celebrity and cult status

later to love Hanovers, renamed "Doc3000

Time of his time

in Berlin, continued his career


After years of concerts and events

followed by quiet times of reflection on the essentials ...

painting, sculptures, music, lyrics

and video art

After many years and different bands

cried "Doc today ...

"Doctor Mission"


and is still an active musician

Painter and sculptor


more info below


Art D.Sade Productions


In the Past

"Crazy Baby Doc  in the 80´´

Hannovers Music Avantgarde of the 80`Punk times goes Gothic

"Crazy Baby Doc"


Crazy Baby Doc                    


"Blessed are who´ve got a poor Brain"

 maxi-single   1985

 rebel-records SPV Hannover






Crazy Baby Doc


"My Religion"














maxi-single    1986

rebel-records SPV Hannover


The music played in  "Staccato Studio Hannover"




Bass: Heinz Breiter

Peter Handke


Drums: U. Greatz

Rüdiger Klose

Frank Jellito


Git, Ludwig Bödecker

Gunnar Kirkliss


Michael Krückeberg



Sax. Thomas Schnura

Synt: Matthias Schneeberger



Voc./Lyrics: C.B.Doc

Voc./Lyrics: Sue Sue                 



New Tracks 


C.B.Doc is playing a new maxi CD

with his friend and guitarist

Ulli the Greatz

Drums of course the machine

All with the toast ...

let's go to Moscow "

BY BY Buy Berlin ...

and all

By By Buy Berlin



DVD Title: By By Buy Berlin

                                                    Maxi III Tracks Mix


Art D.Sade Productions

All songs written by "Doc




Title: By By Buy  Berlin

Maxi 3Tracks Mix


Art D.Sade Productions


All songs written by "Doc

and in reverse phase too...