Hell0 and Hallo dear fans





"Dejá vu  Returns"


revival the Future"now

und nun and now 

The Future




what you do everything so

in the last 30 years

has lived .... everything faded

and was no longer

when you look back at the time

which was once important

or one is already annoyed


The beautiful women


Anyway ...

they are now called


There were these people really

or was it a movie

which one has never seen






past in joy to living 




The Future

The past

here i now

the Future

the past is all

Deja vue Returns


in the past

past coping

you i know  here are now

The Future


her , they


since the future

is what makes it

is all  new the past

you are now the Future


here are now the new

this is  all

the past is all

what's left

but only in my world

That's how it is



the Future 

that´s the way it is


get up.........


at that time anyway

there were these people really

which you have never seen

the future is now

past in joy to living


The beautuful woman

Be the first 

no matter

how they do

now called


and eventually

you will stand there and scream ...

You are the future


The Future





Doctor Mission

Robot and Mashin Déjá Vué Returns  Album

LP and double DVD

 Album 2017/18   




soon in shop 

  a lot of fun and greetings from